Battery Corrosion

OK, I’m getting around to “unpacking” gear I haven’t used since last year (or maybe longer). I found a GPS and a “family radio” walkie-talkie in which old batteries corroded. Yeah, I know it’s stupid and I should’ve taken the batteries out. But now that my stupidity has caught up with me, what’s the best way to salvage these/clean out the corrosion, etc.

make a mixture of baking soda and .
vinegar and then using an old tooth brush (or equal) scrub it all out.



What jackl said but,
if the corrosion products are dry, try to brush/scrape out as much as you can before using the soda/vinegar. Work outside and don’t get any in your eyes or on your clothes! Keep liquids to a minimum, wipe everything with a clean, damp rag, let dry completely (in the sun or overnight), install new batteries and see what happens. Sometimes you may need to rub the contacts with something mildly abrasive, like a pencil eraser or fine (400 +) emery cloth.

I’m wondering if …
… those are regular lead acid batts. ?? … maybe replace with lithium ion rechargables for future if they are available in the size you have … I’m pretty certain nicad are available in most common sizes and shapes but not sure about the lithium ion , anyone know ??