Battery for Bravo Pump

I purchased the Bravo BTP Two Stage Electric Turbo Pump. They make a battery for this pump that cost over $100 with shipping. Has anyone figured out a cheaper way to hook up a rechargeable battery to these?

Below is a link to the battery.

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you’re going to be near your vehicle and the pump runs on 12v, what about coming off your vehicle’s accessory plug and forget the battery?

How about a more expensive option

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But, more advantages?

Try looking at a 7Ah smart battery. Much lighter, better at maintaining voltage under load and pretty much idiot proof.
A lead acid battery can be "cycled" about 1000 times, the Lithium Ion Smart Battery - up to 5000 times.

Not cheap, but better value.

I use the 7Ah and a 12Ah for bilge pumps (when in the kayaks) and for charging / providing power on camping trips.

Edit: that pump draws 20 Amps, you will need a bigger battery, the one they quote looks like its good for about 15 minutes.

link to reality

Bravo BTP Two Stage Electric Turbo Pump’+4+GAUGE+PRIMARY+WIRE

buy 2 Curt 50’s wire in series….

Get a hand pump from NRS.

NRS hand pumps are waterproof.


The complete rig….including the Curts/Pelican box(s) n bilge pump…hydrophone plus the van computer/night fan aux electricity system for research ( we’re here looking for sociopaths) costs $$$ but not as much as kitchen cabinets.

plain jane 12 volt
Its just a 12 volt 6 amp battery. There are dozens of batteries you could buy. Say a motorcycle battery. Or like other poster said use you car battery. Do you want to take the battery and pump along with you? if so then you want a light weight battery. Nothing is lighter than a LIPO battery. Use them on my electric bilge pumps. Or you could get a lithium ion battery not quite as light as a LIPO. Amazon sells lithium Ion batteries.

Lipo and li-ion

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Also note that a Lipo battery can deal with much higher current demands than a similar li-ion unit.

I guess the question is, do you really need the portability?

"costs $$$ but not as much as kitchen cabinets"
That is FUNNY!

I guess the previous replies don’t understand that if you don’t want to pay the $100 that you definitely don’t want to pay more. Some people don’t get what a budget is and how important portability is for fishermen… With that said, I have had the same issue and yes there is a cheaper but less convenient way. Any 12v 8ah battery will work but you will have to find out what connector to use ( I have yet to figure out which one it is) or you could splice it into the wiring without cutting off the current connector. Typical spade connectors can be used on the battery terminals and removed for charging with any 12 volt battery charger at 6 amps or less. If you do find the correct terminals I would appreciate knowing what they are.

If money was a concern or light weight a consideration you would have a “larger bellows pump” for $39. You likely need the exercise any way.

I’m sure that 5 years ago they did something.