Battery life Garmin 78sc

I’m competing in the Watertribe NCC100 ultra marathon this weekend and was wondering , while packing spare batteries, does anyone have experience with how long of a run time they get with the Garmin 78sc on new Li batteries? Most of the time iI’ve used it on 4-8 hour training paddles but have not pushed it to 20+ hours.

Thanks in advance for any knowledge nuggets.

If you want to join in on Friday - or the Watertribe tracking map. (Handle = SeaDawg) The 300 miler is running now.

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turn the device

write down the time…

and wait …

On the 76csx, one water day brings the batts down to a level where replacing batts for the next day is necessary. Replace, avoiding replacing on the water. Yesterday’s batts are not going the distance on the second water day.

A water day is 4-5 hours, 3.5 …running continuously with Blue Charts

and you know when the second day runs out…

You are once again giving bad advice

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We have two 76CSX's in the family and recently did the Adirondack 90 miler. (using "Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries)
The batteries in each lasted all three days.

We paddle in the Florida Keys all winter long. The batteries will go for five, six and even seven days long depending on how many hours each day we paddle.

You must be using the alkaline ones

Good luck Marshall !

Jack L

PNet Encyclopedia of Experience

Killing a pair of batteries doing a run test is obvious but before going that step my query was to tap into the encyclopedia of knowledge here on PNet for first hand experience.

From the periodic use on the 78sc I’ve experienced, confidence is high that it will run for more than 24 hours, just how much longer is what I was trying to glean.

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Thanks JackL
Weather looks far better this year than the windfest of 2014.

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Using a GPS for 20+ hours

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is way out of my league, so all I can offer are positive thoughts and best wishes for a fast and safe challenge.

SeaDawg bookmarked on all devices.

hrump grumble gumblr run maybe 7+ hours so a two day paddle needs 4 batts.

there’s the alkaline story from Walmart…fresh and inexpensive if not cheap.

Now in time, hours you know hours right or are you still using an hourglass ? How many HOURS are the lithiums powering your Garmin? continuous operation harump fook spittle … ?

I haven’t noticed lithium on the kiosk since traveling back east.

does the 78 use more power than the 76 ?

is ‘periodic use’, Marshall ?

so that’s

20 for 8…24 for 11…

and according to Jackal each 2 batt lasts weeks.

Energizer is sticj=kng us right ?

gee whiz I would use the Li’s in the hydrophone caws you know what happens with the hydrophone/PMD619…but unaware of the longevity…weeks no kidding !

With-out needing the caps
With would be grammatically correct.

Thank you for your insight.

After the event I’ll see how much juice the batteries provide while driving home.

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power use curve energizer e2 lithium batteries…search thru there.

Testing Batts is geekville.

Yawl going to NC ! Bring the headnet ?


Bring 2 batt packs.

So how are you checking the equipment list? An experienced pre-pack. a space check, list check

…whose list ?

‘wth… ? no paddle on the list ?


I’m a goin to Texas…

Ztjis past evening, I wuz down at the NEW WALMART CONSTRUCTION. This is a HUBWAL at Summerland and San Carlos Fort Myers Beach formerly a gas station with 3 legged dog.

We suffered an epiphany…Li Batts are in photo…why I suffer from energy cryseas

Best ! look around before you move out…

keep backlight on low in dark
Have done the following many times:

with Lithium battery:

continuous 12 hour paddle (with low level backlight on for 3 or 4 hours)

Then 2+ hours each day for 4 or 5 days (backlight on low).


I have that GPS and got 5 days . . .

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. . . on an Adirondacks trip with Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. The GPS was "on" continuously in front of me for about 8 hours a day, but with the back light turned off.

Bad news !
We have been following Mrshall’s progress and a little while ago (around 4:25 this afternoon) he pushed the “help” button that he was dropping out.

Nanci and My heart’s go out to him, since we had to do the same thing on two different attempts at the 300 mile Everglades challenge in the worst two years of the race.

You train and train, and feel you are ready for whatever, and then the weather gods say freak you jack, and you end up in either gale force winds or horrendous tides against you or a combination of both.

For what it is worth, congrats for going as far as you did, (83 naut. miles)

It is a humbling experience and you are to be admired for your training and just entering it.

Please give us a recap when you get home

jack L

60CSX batteries

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Sorry to hear that about Marshall. I know people who have had to drop out of marathon races, but came back again and in fact won big time.

I use two Garmin 60CSX units in the bow during the Yukon River Quest and the Yukon 1000 mile races. The stern paddler has another. During the YRQ the first mandatory rest stop happens for us at about the 21 hour mark, and each of the GPS units have been on continuously by then for at least 22 hours, still running strong. I do change the Li batteries before beginning the next leg.

The Y1K is handled rather differently. No mandatory stopping locations, but we are allowed only 18 hours per day on the water before a mandatory rest to camp wherever we are for 6 hours. I change the batteries daily an have never had an issue with them running out. Don't want to lose a GPS while racing in a complicated part of the river.

91 miles

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Here's his message from his site,

"After 91 miles I’m tapping out that’s it for SeaDawg from bracing against paddle pressure my hip is telling me I no longer going to sit in a boat today I will put up pictures and details soon."

I can't even begin to imagine the physical demands of such distances and have only admiration and respect for the race he had.

long trip to Juneau…
longer than Bristol !

yeah that’s the scoop: train train train n before you get there, not tired full of excess energy…a body part gives out.

Old age here and at Jackal’s. But basketball players drop dead in HS.

So next few days Ima gonna go into Walphoto n get me somahdem Li Batts.

See you at the Clinic…

32 hours and still full charge
Well, taking it as far as I went before I couldn’t sit no more the Garmin 78sc power meter still read full after 32 hours of run time with a set of new Energizer Lithium batteries. The tips on backlighting (I used a Princeton Tec Point light clipped to my cap for night time reading of the screen) and disabling the compass I’m sure helped in conservation efforts.

As much as I have so far of the event is on

See you at Okoumefest UltraMarathon come Spring.

See you on the water,


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I think a SpeedStroke or Vasa trainer is going to be on my Xmas list this year.

90 miles
is a lotta paddling for we non interested paddlers.

where were you in the order before the distance tore you down ?

hip exercise is probably a neglected area ?

know EXRX ?

Yesterday after ten days of paddling
my lithium batteries went down to one bar

Each of those days were between four and six hour paddles.

Used in a Garmin Map 76Cx, with a color chart.

I’ll put new ones in today

Jack L