Battery operated tent fan....

Now that perfect weather for tent camping in the southeast is upon us, what do y’all know about tent fans? Quiet operation is probably my major concern.

It will be used in a 3 person tent, with two persons in it. The female person doesn’t like my current fan. Too noisey.



Sound = moving air
You’re in a no win situation.

Fans have motors and blades, they make a “sound”.

Cheap units have cheap bearings, another no win scenario.

Good Luck, use all ventilation flaps available in tent,

and general west/east weather wind pattern for “flow”.

Hi Tom
If you are camping at camp grounds that have hook ups, there are lots of 120 volt quiet ones.

If you are talking about remote camping, I doubt if you’ll find a small DC one that is quiet.

If you loved that beautiful lady, You could just use a hand fan like they used in the old south before electricity.

Jack L

any breeze?
I had one of these on my sailboat…not a fan, but an alternate idea…hey, it wouldn’t be p-net w/o a totally offhand suggestion :wink:|6880|301241&id=48974

We Have Had a Little Coleman
It has worked for us about 5 years?

I have that fan!
It works fine, it’s not deafening, and it didn’t scare off all the wildlife. My tent has a conveniently placed loop for it.

The fan is the problem?
Sounds like the female person is a little noisy too.

Unless you’re in South Florida, the evenings aren’t exactly hot and muggy this time of year. Opening vents or a sleeping bag should help keep you comfy. If a fan is necessary, you might be past the prime camping season…

I have a smaller Coleman fan that

– Last Updated: Mar-12-13 5:46 PM EST –

takes just 1 D cell battery, is magnetic, the blade is removable for packing,and IMO is
quite quiet. I'm not sure if they're still available, but I've had mine for years and should you get a finger in the way, it stops which means it's fairly safe even around kids.
It's surprising how long that D battery lasts. I've used mine many times for a weekend trip and never had it run out of power. BTW, I don't use cheap batteries in it and when storing I remove the battery.
If you go to the Coleman website, and it's product number 2000001021.

i have that one too
It’s great. I keep thinking I want to put it on the front bulkhead of my kayak to blow on me during a race. I wonder if the magnet would work? One day ill try it.

Ryan L.

And, you can kill a bear with a D cell.

If you’re doubly clever
You can use a rechargeable battery and hook it to a small solar panel set outside the tent.

Then sing “All day, all night, Mary Ann. We’re out camping, with a fan…” "