Battery Placement Pelican Catch 110TR

I just purchased a Pelican Catch 110TR and will be putting a Minn Kota 17lb weighted trolling motor on it. I plan on using a 22lb Lithium Ion battery. I was wondering where would give me the best weight distribution, up front or in the back near my seat? I will have 2 large tackle bags with me but not sure of the weight I’d like to put up front if I put the battery in the back.

If possible I would offset the weight. Trolling motor on one end battery towards the other to keep it neutral. However you have to deal with wires

The two tackle bags I have weight 25lbs and I was going to put them up front, the 22lb battery in the back closest to the seat, then the 17lb trolling motor, and I weigh 145lbs. Do you think this would give proper weight distribution? I plan on fishing standing up so I figured having the battery in the back would even the weight with me standing up forward of the seat. Thoughts???

This is how that guy did it…

Be aware that in most states, once you put a motor on a boat, it must be registered. There might be exceptions for electric trolling motors or motors under a certain HP.