Bay Area Canoeing Spots

I just got a new canoe and am looking for some spots to go canoeing in the Bay Area.

Where are some good Bay Area canoe destinations?



I see a few Canoes
out in Elkhorn Slough, as well as out in the Sloughs off of Redwood City. Either location you would want to pay attention to the wind and tide forecasts. Onshore winds at Elkhorn can be stiff at times. Nice when going out, but tough on the return.

I also see canoes on the inland reservoirs, although you need to be prepared to pay for invasive species inspections and deal with some other restrictions in Santa Clara and Alameda Counties.

My favorite Santa Cruz county lake, Loch Lomond, is now ‘off-limits’ for any craft brought there, you must rent on location if you want to get on the water. Or else store your boat there for $200 a year.

I have seen a few canoes on Tomales Bay also, same tide and wind planning issues apply.

Other bay area paddling spots
I’m in the north bay so that’s what I’m familiar with.

Petaluma River, Napa River, Hudeman Slough, Estero Americano. Other paddling spots not too far from the bay area:

American and Sacramento rivers, Russian River, Cosumnes River Preserve. The Tahoe/Truckee area has a lot of good paddling locations. Check out for some of the bay area launch sites.