bay of Fundy

I am planning on se kayaing the Bay of Fundy in Canada. Anyone have any suggestions for itenery? I know the tides can be significant. Need imput because I don’t want to use outfitter unless I need one

What part?
Not familiar with the New Brunswick side, but the Bay has different characteristics depending on location. A guide would be a really good idea, until you experience the tides for yourself. The currents and standing waves set up by these huge tides can be very challenging. As a rule of thumb our club sticks to a 4-hr window around high tide to avoid the really dramatic stuff. In a more open area of the Bay, you could extend this. If you’re coming to the Nova Scotia side, be sure and look us up, the club is itching for an excuse to get back to the Parrsboro / Five Islands area.


Wow !
Are you kidding? I’ve been on the Bay of Fundy and it’s quite unbelievable. 40 to 60 ft. tidal changes and sometimes more. Tides come in so fast that you can stand on the shore and watch big standing waves come roaring up tidal rivers. It goes out so fast that in some places radids are created in small inlets and river mouths. There’s nothing gradual about tide changes there. I’d say you better get a lot of good information and seek out some locals who know the area very well. There’s a lot that can go wrong for a pilgrim in those locales. I think there are some sea kayak clubs in the area. Maybe you can find one and get some info. Luck.


In case you haven’t seen it, the current issue of Sea Kayaker has an article on the bay.

If paddling New Brunswick
Contact the club I helped start back in the 1999/2000, the Atlantic Kayak Association. Email Don or Gerry and they will help you out! Big water, huge tides, incredible scenery…still one of my favorite kayak destinations anywhere!

Tell them Joe O’Blenis sent you!


Paddled Fundy with Don and Gerry
Great guys. If doing the New Brunswick side, definitely look them up.

Hey Glenn
Hey, how did th eGreenland paddling weekend go? I’d have loved to have made it back east for that. But wound up doing Vancouver Island instead as you know. Oh…I shattered the old solo record of 28 days as well. Knocked off the island in 23 days and 10 hours.


Congrats Joe!!
Dude, you rock.

Our Greenland weekend turned into a generic paddling event, as Freya & Greg canceled out on us. To be fair, they had an opportunity to paddle 'round Iceland and took it. We’re thinking of asking Cheri and Turner next year, and our club has been asked to take over the kayak portion of the rendez-vous.

Well done Joe, now I’m gonna go read all about your trip!


Thanks Magoo
Sorry to hear the Greenland weekend did not pan out, that’s too bad.

A paddling shop on the Island out here, Comox Valley Kayaks, may be putting together a clinic with Dubside in October. I hope it comes together!

If you guys do one next year, I might be able to make it.

Hey…would many people in your club have any interest in a slidshow on Vancouver Island? Nothing fancy as photography was something I did not always have time for…but I may be able to put something together. Thinking if I could do 2 o 3 east coast shows, it might offset the cost of a trip home for a visit!


Campobello Island NB

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Access to lots of paddling from there. Beautiful scenery from the water. The tides are strong there but no tidal bores or big wave conditions to deal with. It does get turbulent between Eastport ME and Deer Island NB at times though. (This Hemisphere's largest tidal whirlpool is located there when the tides are right)

Nice area!
I remeber paddling through there back in 2001. It is an amazing area and the whirlpool itself is something else too!

Brings back fond memories of a very enjoyable paddle that day!

Yes it is, I love it there
I have family on the Island. My cousins and I time our trips to the tides and we get some amazing rides. Up behind Deer Island into the Passamaquoddy Bay is a beautiful paddle too. Lot’s of seals, porpoise and Minke’s in the area. Many small islands to stop and take a break or lunch on.

Campobello, Eastport, etc.
We kayaked from Lubec to Eastport a couple of weeks ago. Plenty of current, but really nice paddle, found an empty beach (imagine that!) to stop & have lunch. One time we tried to paddle against the current in the Lubec Narrows (in our CD Crosswind tandem) and just paddled in place. It’s a beautiful area to paddle! Conditions are apt to change more quickly than farther south down the coast (fog can come in quickly) so you have to be aware of what’s going on around you.

Bay of Fundy Express- article and pics
Heres a good blog with photos of a guy who paddled the bay of fundy. its a good story