Bay of Fundy

Has anybody been up there to ride the worlds largest tides?? There must be some strong tidal races and over flows that people play on,

from mild to wild.

also wondering…

Has anyone been to Fundy National Park or the Biosphere Reserve… we are thinkng mid Sept.

Would ou go with a guide for multi day trips…


This guy has, read his story as well as many others at

and they go up and down pretty fast
I paddle Passamaquoddy Bay regularly. The tides there average 25 feet so they are less than the Bay of Fundy.

This translates into awesome races (Cobscook Falls) and also into the need to pack quickly.

You can be packing by shoreline one minute and ten minutes later face a five hundred foot slog through clam flats.

Yes, the water changes quickly
You even need to be careful at a ramp. Your kayak could be floating if you dilly dally while parking your vehicle, going to the john, etc. This is the case in Cobscook Bay State Park, one of the treasures of Maine.

Old Sow
I just got back from a week in Eastport Maine on the Passamaquoddy / Cobscook Bays. It is an amazing place to paddle and the tides are only 20 feet. It is my favorite place to paddle and I have been every year for the last 5 years. Off Eastport there is the “Old Sow” whirlpool - the largest whirlpool in the northern hemisphere. In general, the currents are strong but not too strong to paddle against. In many places, the water comes around the corners in “sheets” and there are lots of eddys, boils, standing waves. There is a reversing falls in Pembroke that moves really quick - I’ve never gone through it but I’ve messed around in the standing waves and they can get pretty big.

  • Jeff

nice ideas, some places I have been near but have never seen.Though we live in Nh We will be travelling way… South… from the northern Gaspe Quebec to visit Fundy. We will be coming down by way of Moncton N.B.

The reversing falls sound pretty interesting and I would like to paddle the area where the tall pillars have small "islands on them dependng on the tide.

The trip is to help a friend celebrate last of chemo so we might keep things pretty tame. Think we will target Fundy Nat’ll park… Could be tempted to go to Saint Johns then take a ferry over to Digby NS

and work our way back up.

Just a long shot…has anyone been to the Sable Islands off the coast of Cape Breton(?)…south of the Isles de Madeline. ??