Bayou or Swifty

I was compairing the Perception Swifty and the Dagger Bayou for a paddling and fishing lake shorelines. As rec. kayaks, I really can’t see much difference in the two, and was wondering if anyone has any preference of one over the other, and why. Looking at the two side by side, I really can’t see any major difference, and prices are about the same on both as used boats.

The Dagger Bayou is a discontinued
model. From what I read, its a bit longer and may be a bit faster. I’ve a 9.6 Necky Sky I fish and paddle from. Its stable, and an ok fishing platform, but if buying another sit-in to fish from, I’d be looking at the Old Town Loons…preferably a 138, but the 111 might be ok. With a recreational kayak, the cockpit is usually roomy, but the Loon is even more so. The bigger one is also faster and, to my way of thinking, more enjoyable to paddle for long periods of time.

You didn’t say what size lake you’ll paddle. Bigger kayak for bigger waters would be my preference, though my little kayak does fine in the big lake. If you want the kayak mainly to fish from, you might want to look at sit-on-tops. If money is a consideration, the Mainstream Kingfisher is very reasonbable in price. Some don’t like it, but it gets you on the water, is room, stable, and not the worst paddling boat on the market.

For what you want to do
Any recreational kayak that you are comfortable in will do. Some may be more optimal than others, but any will get the job done.

Some generalities to which there are always exceptions.

Other things being equal, longer boats are faster and have less draft.

Other things being equal, longer boats take more effort to turn. Or said another way, they take better technique to turn in the same space.

Test paddle if you can, if you have any idea what you’re looking for. If you don’t, test paddles are way over-rated. If you have no idea what you like in a kayak, then comfort is critical. Recreational kayaks don’t have as may adjustments as WW or sea-going boats, so making sure you’re comfortable with the boat built as it is is important. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about Old Town’s seat causing numb legs and sore butts. Others find them a good fit and have no problem. We all have different shapes and measures and desires, so make sure you’re good in the boat you buy.

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The leg numbness is something that
I’ve experienced with my rec. kayak. I’m not sure its the function of the seat or the fact that with a sit-in, if you are fishing and not actively paddling for long periods of time, there just isn’t much movement you can do.

I drive a Loon111 and
I used to get the leg numbness as well. Most of it seemed to come from pressing on the foot pegs too hard. I got a 6 inch square x 36 inch long piece of foam and placed just in front of the seat. This keeps my legs from “sagging” as the day wears on and pressing on those foot pegs too hard.

As a happy accident, I discovered it doubles as a baling sponge. Sucks up water like a champ. Just wring it out once in awhile.