BB Breeze Paddle

I have a B.B. Breeze paddle and the ferrule has become extremely difficult to turn and to take on and off. Any recommendations how to get this back to a smooth operation.


do you paddle in salt water? Do you store it as

as take apart or 1 piece?

I have this paddle (the one w. the old flowing letters logo) Like it a lot, use it the most.

Try some auto finish
scratch remover, a.k.a., Turtle Wax Rubbing Compound. It’s a very mild abrasive and cleaner. Do the inside and outside of the ferrule. Maybe a couple of applications will do the trick, or maybe a few applications will be needed. Happy Paddling!

type of ferrule?
is it a snap button or telescoping ferrule?

General rules
If it moves and isn’t supposed to: duct tape.

If it doesn’t move and is supposed to: WD40.

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Assuming it is a carbon fiber
ferrule, BB makes them to EXTREMELY close tolerances. ANy accumulation of dirt - or salt, as was already mentioned - will cause an interference fit. First clean the surfaces with a non-abrasive cleaner, dry the mating surfaces, and try the fit. If it is OK, you can apply some thin wax to keep things smoothe. If sections are still stiff, try the rubbing compound.

Considering the quality of the ferrule, my money is on a buildup of grit or salt.