BC - Delosation Sound and Sunshine Coast

Headed up to BC for my first time ever at the end of July. Have reservations in LUND at the northern most tip of the Sunshine Coast.

I have some questions:

Do I need a spray skirt at that time of year? I dont own one now.

Will there be a lot of mosquitoes?

Any other advice or specifics you wanna let me know?



I’m heading up that way in mid August
to do the Powell River Canoe Route and perhaps paddle in Desolation Bay. Your best bet for questions would be the Canadian myccr.com. That’s a good source for any paddling in Canada.

Yes and yes…
If your paddling will consist of short day trips in Okeover Inlet, then a spray skirt will probably not be absolutely necessary. If, however, you plan to paddle out of Lund or into Desolation Sound, buy a sprayskirt.

As for the bugs, if you are camping at all, then expect them. More in some places than others.