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I’m looking at heading out west this summer to do a sea kayak trip in BC, maybe Vancouver Island, 6-9 days, I’m flexible. If anyone has had a good experience with a particular kayak outfitter in the area, I’d be happy to hear about it. I’m looking for a wilderness camping trip, not a lodge or base camp, and I have a few wilderness trips from 3 to 7 days behind me. Any info would be appreciated.


BC kayak company
In the Desolation Sound area, I had a good experience with Powell River Sea Kayak http://www.bcseakayak.com/.

As you know, BC and Vancouver Island are real big, so you will need to refine your search based on which area you are going to. You are heading to kayak heaven, there are quite a few fine outfitters up there. A U.S. option in the San Juans is Body Boat Blade, just a couple hours by kayak to either mainland BC or Vancouver Island.

Just what I’m looking for. I’m flexible as to where I can originate a trip. I’ll check out the link. Kayak heaven…no doubt :slight_smile:


ha ha, if you can paddle from BBB
to the Cdn mainland or Vancouver Island in a couple hours you are super man! from the closest point on the Island to East Sound is 25nm. i’ve paddled there and back a couple times, and it is close, but not couple hours close. and you arrive right in the heart of the most populated area…

here are a couple top flight guiding companies on the Island, but recognize that this is the largest sea kayak industry in the world, so there’s many…


www.seakayakbc.com (pacific northwest expeditions)


http://www.oceankayaking.com/ (majestic kayaking)

you may also contact
Nick at Active Sea Kayaking


paddling from the US
Don’t forget you’d have to clear customs when you land, if you’re planning to launch from Washington into British Columbia.

WA to BC
I need to do some more geographical reseach in the Strait of Georgia, I’d better head back up there real soon. I bet the U.S. monitors kayaks crossing the border more carefully than Canada does.

you would think so…
but they’ve never so much as looked at me. i carry my passport handy just in case…

Body Boat Blade
in the San Juans: if you can manage to connect with them, the extra $$ & logistics would be worth it. Learn while you are expeditioning! Shawna Franklin and Leon Somme are incomparable as paddlers, guides, teachers, and people. They also can just provide outfitting , with composite boats, and all good equipment etc (the kind they would use) but would demand paddling credentials, preferably BCU.