BCU week at Tybee

Very tempting. I always wanted to paddle with a lot of these instructors.

Jeff Allen , Nigel Dennis , Russell Farrow , Hadas Feldman, Nigel Foster, Phil Hadley, Marsha Henson, Lamar Hudgens, Ronnie Kemp, Jen Kleck , Ben Lawry , Steve Maynard, Danny Mongno, Cheri Perry, Jean Totz ,Fiona Whitehead, Turner Wilson

wow! Anyone going?


I will be there and hoping for 'good’
weather to keep the surfing and ‘rough water’ classes interesting.

Tybee Friday
Thinking about heading down for Friday.

Magic seaweed says 3’@5Sec for Tybee Friday which is probably the best day of the week.

MSW calls for 4’@5Sec for Folly on Sat.

My plan

Friday Tybee Triangle with Nigel F.

Sat Folly.

good plan
Just listened to the marine VHF forecast for Charleston area:

here is a basic summary

Wed, Thurs 2-3’ NE 10-15 knots winds

Friday 3-4’ SE 10-15

Cold front moving in Sat 4-5’ 15-20 knot from SW to W

Everything increased about a foot in the last 6 hours

Tybee sounds like a blast… I’m working this week…

If you need someone else to go out with on Sat, I’m 8 miles from Folly.

A brace of NK LV’s
I am on the backside of being sick so I might be low energy after banging around all day Friday, but I would like to head back over towards that buoy off Kiawah.

Plus it is always nice to have a hand carrying boats.

Send me a mail and we can exchange contact info.

I was thinking about Camping Friday night @ James Island so I will be right there.


Sounds good…
Yeah, you might be warn out after a full day on Friday. That should be a great experience.

I’m also on James Island and go out all the time. No worries. Another friend wanted to surf this week, so I’ll contact her as well.

If it is 4-5’ and 20 knots that area from Folly to Kiawah has the potential for really rough conditions.