BCWA fishing trip

Am planning a Lake Trout and Walleye canoe trip around ice out, Late April - early May. Any interest?

Late April Pushing It?
Had to cancel our early May trip last year due to late ice-out. If this is Jamie from TX, definitely interested in a fishing trip with you, maybe a couple weeks later, though? WW

Most years a person would be lucky if ice out is before May 1. Also, check when fishing seasons open.

Fishing opener
Minnesota’s fishing opener is May 9. But that isn’t going to be a guarantee that the lakes in the BWCA will be ice free on that date. If you schedule an early trip I suggest you monitor satellite photos of your entry point to be sure. You can easily see ice on the lakes and when it goes off on the clear days when the daily sat photo is taken.

Fishing Opener and Ice Out
The fishing opener is usually the day before Mothers’ Day. As pointed out, this year it is May 9th.

2008 was a late year for ice-out and it was still out before the opener. Generally ice out is before the end of April. I think there has only been one year in the last 40 years that the ice wasn’t out before the opener. There has been some close ones though. :slight_smile: Who knows what this year will bring

Mr. Moose
You’ve been a world of help before, so will follow your advice again. Just hooked up with Wildernesswebb for a later date. Many thanks. - JJ

Now I’m having “Captain Kangaroo” flashbacks! Anyone else remember “Mr Moose,” “Mr. Green Jeans,” et al? Hope we won our lottery date! WW