"Be afraid, be very afraid"

I recently spent 10-15 minutes massaging 303 into my dry suit gaskets with bare hands. Afterwards I swear I felt strange (racing heart, etc.). What’s in 303? Should I be wearing gloves / be afraid?

It was just your thrill in anticipation of using the dry suit :wink:

303 reaction?
Last October I used my dry suit after treating the gaskets with 303. Had a rash on my neck that was very noticable. Yesterday I used the suit again and no sign of a reaction to the gaskets. Have left it hung all winter without further treatment. Thought it was latex alergy at the time but maybe it wes the 303???

Does it say to use in a ventilated area?
I don’t use 303 so I don’t know what is in it. I’m a medicinal chemist and design drugs so I know a little bit about chemistry in general. It sounds like it has at least two components an organic solvent and the UV protecterant. The organic solvent is the greasy film people see washing off their boats if they do not let it sit for a period of time. Many common organic solvents such as Ethyl Acetate or hexane will cause cardiovascular effects if enhaled or absorbed throuh the skin. I doubt the solvent component is either of these, probably much higher molecular weight and may contain silicon oil. Personally I would not get any chemical that I do not know what it is on my skin. You can request the Material Chemical Safety Sheet required for all chemicals sold in the US from the manufacturer, it should tell you a little bit about the know physical effects if they were honest.

Aerospace protectant?
I don’t use it either, but was planning on trying it due to the number of times it is mentioned here. If it is the 303 called aerospace protectant, I just checked the msds, and it says the effects of sking contact is possible irritation and rash (dry, itchy skin). Everyone is different,however. Their web site ‘says’ that one manufacturer of kayak clothing recommends using it on gaskets, etc.

Good advice. I’ll do that. (And misappropriate my wife’s latex gloves.)

Kokatat Does
The 303 people aren’t lying - in fact with a new Kokatat drysuit you get a little package of 303. The recommendation is that you use it on the gaskets every few weeks, I forget if it is four or six.

We use the stuff on hatch covers, the drywear gaskets, liberally. Also used it on the plastic boats. Haven’t had any problems.

With bare hands?

Google "303+MSDS"
And you will find infor about 303 products.

HMIS rating is 1-0-0-B

Skin= possible irritation, drmatitis, rash

Inhalation= no adverse effects

You may be susceptable, though.


It probably penetrates latex
If they reccomend it for treating gaskets …

You would want some nitrile based gloves or something more substantial.

No reaction here
But you may be be someone whose skin reacts to it a bit. We just spray it and and wipe in with paper towels. I rather like the excitement about paddling idea, but I’d also suggest you think about whether there was anything else going on that could have caused that physical response. However, sensitive you may be to 303 or similar products, that sounds like it was beyond anything that 303 is likely to have caused.

Latex allergy?

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Maybe you are having a mild reaction to the latex (which in not uncommon.) Perhaps the addition of the 303 is causing you to be more susceptible to a latex sensitivity that is not apparent with dry latex.

Here's an experiment: slather some 303 on a condom, put it 'on' and see what happens.

How soon after?
As noted before, the MSDS lists skin irritation or rash as a possible effect of skin exposure. If you are more sensative then the “average” person, that might set off a histimine reaction.

Also, nausea and headache are listed as possible ingestion effects. Is it possible that you handled food, licked your fingers, wiped you mouth with the back of your hand or something?

UVTECH by McNett
has been my product of chioce for years. They are the same company that makes seam sealer, etc. I had George from Mcnett post on Pnet about 6 years ago regarding the differences between his companies product called UVTech and 303 and I think he tried to give the facts and be as unbiased as possible. The only thing I can really remember is that he said the beautiful sheen or shine that the product leaves means its actually not penetrating into the surface as it should to protect, but rather sitting on the surface ready to be wiped off. Maybe Seadart can comment more on that.

Thanks for the ideas
I’ll look at the web sites, try some of them out (except for the condom–fui!). In any event, it’s made for good reading. :slight_smile: