BE CAREFUL out there!

Strange times… Several of my friends have had auto accidents or bad injuries around the home in the last few weeks…
Don’t know why but seems like a Bad Moon is around so a heads up everyone…

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It’s scary out there. A friend was sideswiped by a drunk/drugged driver last weekend. Being released on Monday after 10 days in ICU. Fractured ribs, collapsed lungs and other injuries.

It’s so easy to become too complacement when driving.

Years ago, when I road a motorcycle - I became a better driver (much more ‘aware’ of everything).
I would guess, a sea kayaker makes a better motorboater.

Paddle more, drive less.
(I’ve got more paddling miles this year than driving miles)

Too many people in too big a hurry to get to their ‘destination’ without regard for anything or anybody. If we all just slow down and take a deep breath, we will all get to where we need to be in one piece. Not too many ‘destinations’ are that important that you have to be careless. Stay well and stay safe, everyone.

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Deer collisions, Lots of deer barging in panic across the roads without a clue around here. You are not safe by watching the first one safely cross in front of you. There is almost always a #2 or more to follow.

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People are distracted by world events. They are pissed off. Don’t provoke anyone.

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People physically and mentally exhausted by this election cycle, lock down, and all.

They get on the road after so long and forget how to pay attention and what to do when it hits the fan. See it every year when the rainy season gets. Snow country also sees it every year, with the first accumulation of snow.

Timing of your remark is perfect this morning. There’s about two inches of snow on the ground here with more to come. Numerous roll-overs reported on the scanner.

Won’t last long. Temps going up to 50-60s next week. Yay!!!

Same thing about to start here this afternoon, calling for up to 11 inches of white stuff coming off Lake Ontario, then melting later this week.

Leave earlier if it’s that important to be there on time.

I’m always a little smirky when a sporty driver ripps around my truck, several cars and lanes to get ahead of me. Then ends up sitting at the stop light with my head lights shinning in their back window .

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Years ago I was working in an office in Laramie, WY. A guy I worked with came in late and was somewhat distraught. He had hit a deer on the way to work. It was his ninth.

Timely - Has anyone else noticed that around this time of year everyone seems to have forgotten how to drive on ice/snow/frost? And it happens with folks who have driven in this climate every year of their lives… First snow, no matter how light, I always see cars in the ditch.
I do it, too, I’ll confess. Every year I get into some little skid and thereafter “winter driving mode” kicks in. I haven’t been in an moving accident since I was a teen, over 50 years ago now. (I did once have a car roll down a hill and hit a tree from not setting a parking brake… It isn’t a driving accident if you weren’t even in the car to drive, is it?) (I’m not sure that “safety” gong that goes off in new cars every time a skid starts helps much either - there are moments when that one extra distraction isn’t all that helpful.)
Yet every year I need that first little skid as a reminder. Bet I’m not the only one.

And deer do get goofy at this time of year. They make poorer decisions than usual. Living in a high density deer area for close to 40 years now and have never hit one (knock on wood) - many close calls though. Sometimes its better to be lucky than good.

I’ve also noticed in towns at this time of year all the construction crews are working into the night to try to finish up projects before the winter really sets in. Fine.
But… Does anyone really think that its safer to put 50 yellow lights on barrels and flash them in drivers eyes while everyone’s predictably trying to figure out the reroute? If so, why not 52 or 60? Budget limitations? I do notice the cops often try to help out with their red, white, and blue strobes. Its like trying to drive through a damned discotheque. Its a tribute to human ingenuity that anyone makes it through without an accident.

And maybe it is a bad (blue) moon.

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