be counted - who's going to the bw

I just got my MN registration. I live in MO. Mo doesn’r require one and MOs is a sticker and a bunch of number stickers. All you put on your canoe for MN is a sticker about 3x5 (inches). It cost $20.50 for two years. If you need the address let me know here.

Wow! It went up.
I see they added a lot to the “issuing fee”. It used to be $1. Now I see it is between $6 and $8.50. I do have one correction. You said it was good for two years, but I believe it is good for 3 years.

Quetico is $13/day/person
You realize that Quetico is $13/DAY/person (OK, that is $9 US). The BWCA is $10/TRIP/person. For either the Q or BW, you still need to make reservations for a permit. True, you don’t need to register your canoe in Canada but remember you have to get it back into the US. The easiest and most hassle free way is to have it licensed with a sticker on it. The US customs guy may question you wanting YOU to PROVE you didn’t buy the canoe in Canada. Afterall, it is not licensed just like a Canada canoe.

Your canoe does not have to be registered in MN. It just has to be registered somewhere. A MN is good for 3 years. It looks like the fee just went up this year, but it used to be $14.

BTW - How are you getting to Ontario? Not through MN, right? Afterall, canoes need to be registered in MN whether on a lake or on top of your car.

Yep, you are correct. Just looked at it and it is good until Dec. 2006.

My home state doesnt require registratio
and I have never had any border hassles with canoes coming back from Canada and I have done it a couple of hundred times.

Seems like I wouldnt want to go to MN anyway; thats ridiculous to register a passing through boat. In 1973 when we had to register our boat for the BW it took a day and a half for someone to figure out how to do that.

I stick with going through Ontario (and usually canoeing there)

A lot has changed since 1973. eom

Registered on your car?
Wow, I was hoping to purchase a canoe and or kayak (The yak is not for me, I swear.) while up there. But wouldn’t be “using” it there. Do dealers register all boats or do they get a pass for demos, etc.

The way I read the law
a boat is not subject to registry unless it is being used on state waters . Boats are not registered at time of purchase, but later at licencing bureau .

So if you purchase a boat while here on vacation you do not have to register to take it home. Nor, do you have to be registered to pass through the state.

That makes sense. With a truck full of paddling gear, the boat on top is going to look suspicious :-), but we’ll have a sales reciept I suppose.

Route to Sarah Lake
Dear Paddler,

I saw your post about Sarah Lake. I’m hoping to do that trip this summer and just wondered if you could recommend the best entry point and route to the lake.



Route to Sarah
Sarah Lake is one of the permitted entry points through Prairie Portage. You must check in with the ranger at Prairie Portage on the day your permit is for. So you will start your journey at Moose Lake east of Ely and either paddle to Prairie Portage or take a water shuttle there if you’ve arranged this with your outfitter. From Prairie Portage the most direct route is Bayley Bay, Burke, North Bay, Isabella Creek, Isabella Lake, the 2 unnamed lakes that lead into the south end of Side Lake, and finally portage from Side into Sarah. It’s a well traveled route and its about 18 miles from Moose Lake. Expect that there will be other groups and some delay at the ranger station, the wind can pin you down on either Bayley Bay or North Bay, and there’s a couple hilly portages to negotiate between Isabella and Side. If you started paddling in Moose Lake, don’t count on making it to Sarah the first night.

So, if I hear you right,
I can purchase a canoe when I arrive in Ely, use it for my trip, and don’t have to worry about registration?

Use your good eye
the middle one. Let me repeat.Boats ON MINNESOTA WATERS must be registered either in the state they came from or in the state of Minn. .

headed for Ely then Lakes 2,3 & 4
Going kayaking for 8 days in this area.Any tips for a woman alone?

headed for Ely BW area Lakes 2,3 & 4
Going kayaking for 8 days in this area.Any tips for a woman alone?

hi//I am headed for the BW tomorrow and then around Twin Cities.for the summer.St.Croix in August or so…where are u going to be?

State Waters?
“a boat is not subject to registry unless it is being used on state waters”

Here in the west, when you say “state land” or “state waters” you ain’t talkin’ about anything within national forests or national park boundaries. Different rules apply (sometimes). For example, I can go fish in Yellowstone without a Wyoming fishing license. Now, you don’t really mean “state waters,” but any waters within the state’s boundaries. If I understand what others said, a canoe dealer cannot register a new canoe. Kinda puts a damper on enterprise if you ask me. Of course, we are talking about Humphrey’s home state, land of big government and a tax for every season, every reason.

Going to Cross Bay Late July
Do you know anything about fishing in this area?My 3 son’s and I are going for 5 day vacation. sould be fun.

sounds inviting, but I won’t bite. My advice would to take a large caliber handgun and know how to use it. But then, I ain’t from that area, and it may not be acceptable behavior for anybody to tote a hogleg even in the backcountry. We get the granola crowd out here all the time who look horrified every time a packer rides by with a .44 on his hip. Seems to me, the more civilized we make the wilderness, the more dangerous it becomes. Besides, there ain’t nuthin’ as sexy as a woman who can shoot. A little scarey for men that don’t know how to act right, but sexy all the same.

Emerald Lake is a jewel! It was the highlite of last year’s trip into the Quetico. Have fun.