be counted - who's going to the bw

Who’s going to the BW this year? Where? My wife and I are heading north (650 miles) on May 26 and sometime in early July. Thinking Cross Bay or Baker for the first trip. Both have permits open still. We will decide Monday. Exciting.

Just One Trip Planned So Far
The “Man” chain and Emerald in the Quetico with Duluthmoose and Puffingin. This is my “Twentieth” anniversary this year for going “Up North.” WW

August 7th I think is the date for my 5th trip in. we will put in at Fall and head into Basswood. Probably Jackfish again as we fish a great deal while in. I wanted to plan another trip earlier but I have to take a few classes this Summer for CEU’s and that will last till mid July. Perhapse on day I will just move there.

Just a suggestion
The weekend you show up in the northland is also weeknd of Two Harbors Kayak festival Aug. 6 7 8 . Lots of fun lots of fellow boaters, and an easy “slide over” from Ely . Not much happens on friday so the 7th is the day to show up . Lot of demos to try two marathon races [ maybe you’ll want to enter one? ]Here’s our web page { I’m a volunteer ] Hope to see you up here ! Tony

Two trips
Going in July and August. The July trip isn’t finalized yet. The August trip will be just my son and I entering at Wood lake.

September trip
I have been canoeing in the BWCAW/Quetico area since 1969, but I can only spare the time for one 9-12 day trip a year. Actually, I had planned a trip to Wabakimi this year, but my paddling partner had to back out due to health problems. I now have a trip to Quetico scheduled for the 8th of September. The entry point is Sarah Lake through Prairie Portage, but we will continue north to Suzanette. We have found good fishing there in the past and that is my primary reason for going. I can’t wait to hook into those big “smallies”.


1969 also
1969 was my first trip also. Actually, it was the first time in a canoe for me and partner. A six nighter from Sea Gull to Round.

Next Month
should be my third trip to canoe country.

Wildernesswebb’s annual trips sound like the way to go … wonder if I could pull that off somehow. Right now I’ll settle for this next one.

We’re going in at Snowbank and heading for Alice, six nights out.

Next time I’ll try for the eastern side, as several of you have recomended.

Going in June and hopefully September…
Taking a trip to Thomas and Fraser in June for 7 days and hopefully another in September to Lake La Croix…

Got a permit for Aug 21. French Lake entry and expect to spend about 10 days paddling/fishing. Probably will hit Sturgeon, then maybe down to Fred or over to Alice and the poet lakes. This will be my 16th trip.

Quetico Park in May
I plan on catching all the fish before Ken gets there ;^)

First trip to the BWCA on September 25th for the fall colors. Out of Snowbank Lake to Ensign Lake 2 days. Day paddles around Splash Lake to Quetico border area and then back on a loop to Ensign. Paddle to Thomas Lake for 2 days checking out the area lakes, Hatchet, Ima etc. Around to Disappointment Lake for 2 days of paddling and hiking the Kek trail and out to Snowbank.

2 Quetico trips planned
First one in early July for 9 days into Quetico. Kahshahpiwi entry and will do a loop trip up to Kawnipi and back through Hurlburt chain. If my crew doesn’t mutiny, I think we will cross over from Trant to the S chain and in. As Terry said in his post, in early September we will be heading through Carp Lake to visit the Man Chain and I finally will get to know Emerald Lake. I also expect there will be a few day trips into BWCA lakes this season since it’s only a hour and a half drive for me. I’m looking forward to getting back into the routine of canoe travel. This will be my 42nd season.

Seagull - Adam’s Knife Loop
Me an’ the ol’ lady are headin’ in for our first BW trip. Does anybody carry 63 lb canoes up there? I’m thinkin’ of a lighter one, but they are spendy.

Until Last Year…
…one of the canoes I took up north was a 78lb MRC Revelation. Friend used to carry 80+ pound grumman. Shouldn’t be a problem unless you take the Jap Lake portage, I’d go as light as possible on that one! WW

Was, but have to go to Norway instead.

BW and Quetico
I head for the BWCAW in late June with family and friends through Fall Lake, then with the guys into Quetico a few weeks later at McAree.

Man Chain
We got into some nice smallies and northern in the east end of This Man- it’s almost like another lake before it widens out into the main lake, more smallies off an island/reef up the east end of Emerald. If you are coming back through Plough from Emerald, Plough is very fertile (green ) and full of smallies. It seemed like we were getting a smallie on almost every cast. This was two years ago in mid/late August. Good luck.

registration for BWCAW
Do you still need your boat registered to use the Boundary Waters.

I have been avoiding it for years as the hassle of reservations permits and licenses was too much. The most exposure I had recently was to pass through gor one day enroute to Quetico in 1989 and had to have the canoe registered . There were a lot of canoes in the BWCAW that day; worse than Algonquin.

I am going to Quetico this year and avoiding all the remote entry Customs permits and fees and the MN fee by …unfortunately that limits my access to the Ontario points.

In MN…
…canoe has to be registered there or your home state. WW