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Anyone have experience with the nylon beach shelters the Brits like for warming a group, made like a parachute that you fill with air then sit on to form a shelter?

I know Valley makes them but I’m not sure if others are available?

I’m thinking of trying to make my own. I think 1.1 or 1.3 oz silicon coated ripstop would work. Are there any plans available or would someone be willing to pull some dimensions for me? Thanks.

see below

or here

try this one

The shelters work great on cool days.

P.S. It isn’t just ‘the Brits’ who use them.

What would be the …
… advantage or disadvantage to having a small pop-up dome tent , instead of one of these bag type filled with air you are talking about ??

I know a small dome tent is inexpensive , compact , lightweight and takes just minutes to pop up anywhere . It holds it’s shape and has a door of sorts , plus a floor .

Storm Shelters
bohemia, Thanks for the link.

As for advantages – size, no poles, and the biggest – the fabric is specifically designed not to allow air to pass through, so it traps the body heat and warm air from breathing to rapidly increase the temperature. There’s no floor, so it’s easy to pull down around you, your group and even someone who is unable to help themselves. This also helps if you have a larger group and need to rotate people quickly in and out of the shelter.

I realize some tents may fit the bill, but they often have zippers, mesh and other features that may add to the bulk, without helping the purpose. There’s a lot to be said for having a shelter that four or six people can quickly get in, with all their paddling gear on.

Of course I’m biased since we sell the Expedition Essentials version ( Keep in mind that we only carry gear we’ve tested, we believe in, and use ourselves. The shelter has come in handy on several outings and I carry it with me anytime I’m going out, even in the summer, when a sudden wind and rain storm can really drop the temperature. I’ve also taken it on hiking trips to the mountains.

I know others prefer space blankets or bivy bags as another alternative, so you may want to consider that as well.

Hope this helps - Tom

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me likes
mine. I have an ol’ Brit one (NDK sold 'em)holds 4 tight. nice to cuddle up in and drink tea from our vaccum flasks…maybe a crumpet too.


i have the Expedition Essentials ones
like it…have use it dead of summer as well to get out of the sun…works very well…

and yes i also carry it on winter hikes as well…

the EE one is the size of a small soccer ball…lives in a drybag all the time-i do not try to stuff it back into its attached stuff sack…works great!

During the winter, similar shelters (vindsäck) are used in the Swedish mountains as emergency shelters and for comfort during lunch breaks. Raising the skis and ski poles on the inside will make it more like a tent and let you do some basic cooking in some of the larger ones.

They are called Bothy bags in the uk
as well