Bead and Cove router bits

Im setting up to build woodstrip canoes for my grandsons. I bought a router/table combo but I’m having trouble finding router bits to bead and cove srips.

Can anyone help me?


Just what I was looking for,
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Lee Valley as well,46168,46184

MLCS is good
I use them a fair amount in my work, and they’re a good source for router bits. Fair price, decent quality.

bead and cove
I have never built a stripper, but I am a pro cabinet maker of 20 years. I can not figure out why the commercial bead and cove bits are 1/4" in diameter. To make the best joint, I think the bits diameter should equal the strips width.

Here yer go wit 1/2" shanks
(Freud 99-018 Beading Router Bit for Canoe Joint with 1/2-Inch Shank)

(Freud 99-017 Fluting Router Bit for Canoe Joint with 1/2-Inch Shank)

Fat Elmo

I don’t understand.
Do you mean thickness? If so most strips are ripped so they are 1/4". If you mean width, then I am really confused by what you mean.

bead and cove router bits

Here are two sources