Beale # 197 rocks!


First roll, up I came. 2nd roll, up I came. I sprinted and fell over and up I came. I deliberately kept my head up and away and up I came. I came up leaning all the way back resting on the coaming.

While I only have a roll on one side right now, it didn’t matter what I did, I managed to get up.

Lou YOU have got to get one of these!

I went super slow, I went as fast as I could…didn’t matter. the fact that I could control the blade in my hand ensured a horizontal sweep every time and it was impossible to not get up with a slight hip snap.

yeah yeah, I know…it’s the tempest.

As I was driving back home I realized that I should be able to scull really easily with this…that’s tomorrow’s project.

still grinning.


Yer havin’ way too much fun! n/m

that’s what this is all about. I still had some trouble finding the sweet spot for sticking the blade and still got a little flutter and noise but much much better than day before yesterday.


i don’t know… #164 is pretty good too!
Wait until you start working on the dozens of different rolls the greenland paddle opens up for you. It’s incredible.

rolling class
I have my first official rolling class on Sunday. I am terrified that I have been doing everything bassackwards and will have to unlearn it all. I hope they are gentle with me cause damnit…I get up!

I should probably not mention that I can roll and just let them put me through the basics as they see it. Maybe I can learn a new roll?


Thou shalt not covet
thy paddling partner’s Beale. Order your own.

LOL!.. I have one on order
and may see it in the next ten days or so.

Until then… I must covet!!