Bear Creek Canoes

I am wondering if anyone has any knowledge, or reviews on Bear Creek Canoes, I am particularly interested in the s

quare Bear model for fishing, Thanks…

Used to make cedar-strip canoes

I remember passing by them in Limerick, ME, about 25 years ago or so. I probably still have the original owner’s business card on my dresser. My wife and I had taken canoe classes at Charles River Canoe, and I had dreams of being able to afford a canoe someday.

They aren’t fly-by-night, obviously: the current owner bought the shop from the fellow I met, who (according to their website) still supplies design ideas.

I’ll bet you would get great service. Looks like a good write-up in the URL I posted.

i have bought some seats from
them on ebay on multiple occasions. worked out pretty good. ordered some for my neighbor - he asked me to get the seat hangers also - did not need - mailed them back and they quickly refunded my money - seemed like real nice folks when i talked to them on the phone.

Ditto on the Seats
Bought seats from them twice. Nice folks, nice seats, but not paddled their canoes. WW