Bear Creek, NE MS?

I’ve recently relocated and have found that my new sales area takes me over and around Bear Creek in NE Mississippi at least once or twice a month. I vaguely recall some good comments about the creek and Tishomingo State Park in several guide books I’ve read over the years. I don’t currently have access to those books now. Can anyone share any first hand knowledge or experience on the creek? Thanks!

Have seen it but not run it. Try this

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They seem not to cover the Tishomingo portion, but there's plenty of info about upstream runs.

I suspect that you could do a Tishomingo run and find a way to walk your shuttle on the trails. The park runs canoe trips, but as I recall they have no provision for shuttling privateers.

I’ve paddled Bear Creek
near Phil Campbell, AL. It was great. It’s been fifteen years or more, but would love to go back and do it again.

Thanks for the relies!
I’ll be investigating in person more in the near future…