Bear & critter proofing

Reading some of the comments under the recent canoe pack thread got me to thinking.

Are bead-proof containers also a deterrent against rodents and especially raccoons? I wonder if a container, sized to resist a bear’s jaws/teeth/paws might be damaged or even breeched by a rodent’s gnawing with incisors, or a raccoon’s nimble fingers?


That is a great question. It is unlikely that the little critters can open the lid due to the size and amount of force required. I guess it comes down to if they can nibble through it? I think its possible, as even the polycarbonate ones have a plastic lid. Anyone ever had this happen?

Those amazing animals
In my yard reside squirrels that have chewed & clawed through my hard plastic trash cans. These cans are quite hard plastic. I don’t know how they compare to “Bear Proof” cans but they got through these cans with ease. I’ve also watch racoons open the lid a trash can full of sunflower seeds that was very tightly secured with heavy duty thick flat rubber bungee straps. Hunger is a powerful.

I’ve had them nibble through dry bags

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bear proof containers have purdy thick material and if a critter made the attempt I'm sure it would be a lenghty process...the containers I have seen are made from thick poly with metal slot head screw fasteners

The Garcia bear containers …
…are impervious to all our north American critters.

We use them in Florida specifically to keep the racoons and squirrels away.

If you are just worrying about that type of critter,(not bears) you could make a nice one very cheaply by using either four or six inch schedule 40 PVC with a end cap and a screw cover.

You can make a couple for less than $15.

Now that I just designed it, I think I might go into business!



That’s a great idea!!!
I like it.

Just don’t confuse it with your “torpedo toilet”!


only more or less bearproof
rec’d via e-mail on 8/24/05

Product Warning

If you use a BearVault or Bearikade, or know somebody that does please pass this on. For the last two weeks approximately 7 BearVaults and 2 Bearikades have been broken into by a bear in a specific area of the Sierra. At this time these incidents are isolated to this specific area and possibly one or more bears. The Sierra Interagency Black Bear Group has pointed out that at this time this does not affect the approval status of any BearVault models. The local rangers will attempt to tag the suspected bear(s) and observe its behavior during interactions with bear canisters put in the area to observe what is happening. BearVault is obtaining several of the canisters from the incidents in this area in an effort to determine the cause of the failures.

We will keep you posted as we learn more.


Craig Delger

ProLite GEAR

That’s why they cleverly word it is as “Bear Resistant”.

Garcia bear barrel…
We climb in the Tetons where the real culprits are very agressive marmots! We have had no episode of a marmot getting into our food inside a barrel; based on four years of experience with this product.