bear sightings in St. Regis wilderness

gearing up for a week in the St. Regis canoe wilderness area exact location undecided.

looking for info on bear sightings in the area and bug density.(mosquito and black fly)

my oldest son and I are planning our first trip out there and maybe were being to cautious but since we have never been there were looking to stay safe so if anyone has any suggestions on safety we are interested.

also what kind of fishing lures are the bass and trout hitting on this time of the year? thanks for all your help.

Yah bears are here
Select and keep a clean camp.

Bugs? HaHa. Yup. We are in Fish Creek

It’s been cool and rainy so black flies and skeeters are out in force


bear spray enough or is a fence a good idea?

Your imagination is running wild
You don’t need either. There are bears but count yourself lucky to see one.

I’d love to see one. The SRCA is a very peopled wilderness. I have not heard of any bear incidents in years

Sounds like you are so tense that you won’t enjoy your trip

Watch the chipmunks. Rob you blind

I’m not sure bears are very skilled at fencing.

I would bet the chances of
being mauled by a bear in that country are WAAAAAY less the chances of getting killed in a car crash on the way to the put in.


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Forget the bear spray, forget the fence. Don't be watching and take so seriously all those many wild Alaska shows on TV. As an Adirondack native, I say all you need to do is keep a clean camp. If a bear should wander by, it is not after you, it is only after your food and garbage. If you are fortunate enough to see a bear, just enjoy the rare experience, don't spray it, don't fence it. On the other hand, red squirrels and chipmunks, given the chance, will destroy your gear.

You might want to read these web pages about bears from the NYSDEC:


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For bass in the Adirondacks, I've had great luck with tube baits. Use them in deeper water (5-20 ft) with a tube bait jig head inside. In the shallows, just hook it through the the nose with a 2/0 octopus hook.

A Zoom Super Fluke, T-rigged, or hooked through the nose will do well in the shallows, or my favorite, the Strike King KVD Caffeine Shad.

And the old standby, the Senko. Whacky rigged if weeds are not an issue, or T-rigged if there are weeds.

For trout you will find a spinner such as the Panther Martin, Blue Fox Vibrax or Mepps hard to beat. Also a small spoon like the Cleo, Kastmaster or Phoebe.

As far as bear, they are plentiful but if you take the proper precautions, you will be fine. Absolutely, positively no food in the tent. Hang your food in a tree, or better yet, use a bear canister (I think you can rent them at REI). Cook and eat a significant distance from where you sleep.

I know in grizzly country a lot of people won't even bring clothing they cooked or ate in, inside the tent. I've never gone that far and in 30 years of camping in bear country I've never had a problem with bear. I only recall one, in the Catskills, entering my camp, but it hauled ass out of there the moment I yelled.

Bears Tend To Leave People Alone
Has been my observation. One fall I worked in the mountains outside of Boise, ID. There were elderberries all along the streams. I found orange bear crap all along the trail. One pile just a couple hundred feet from my camp. I once walked by a bear feeding. I was so close I could hear it munching on the leaves it was eating.

HA!..not even landscaping…

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Don't leave lingering smells after any meals....hang your food, don't bring or leave any food inside your tent. I'll do a clothes change(shirt/pants) from the clothes I eat in...and hang them with food. Bears have a much enhanced sense of smell than we do. Better to be safe, brush teeth and change clothes just after your meal. That may be a little extreme but....

Chisholm Brook?

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Hey Briansnat - is that picture you have posted Chisholm Brook on the Allagash - just downstream from Chase?

bugs and bait
i’m 20 miles from st regis catching samllies and northern pike on artificial frogs. some deer flies and mosquitoes, but not bad…

Flies and Mosquitos
that’s great to hear! I want this to be a good experience for both of us and those pesky things can ruin a trip so thanks for the info.