Bears at Lila & Rock Pond?

hello All-

planning a solo trip to one of the above in early October and I am wondering if anyone has encountered bruins at either venue. I’ve day-paddled both but have not camped at either.



Bears at Lila
Glen, I was at Lila this Mon-Wed, no bears at site 16 (nice site btw), I walked the beaches looking for tracks, nothing. Paddled Shingle Shanty, looked for tracks, lots of tracks, but no bear tracks.

I stopped at the lean to, the log said there was bear sign in the area, along some hiking trails up to the MT view. A ranger saw a cub out behind the lean to on the road, and a canoist spotted one along the shoreline near the lean to. These posts where from the spring I think. I would’nt consider Lila a problem at all. Robin

Robin- Thanks…
saw your wonderful pics from that trip on NPMB- almost emailed you personally to ask about this.



I have been
to both places, camped once at island in Rock Pond, but Lila always calls me back. If I can be of any help, feel free. Robin

I havn’t heard as much about bear problems in those areas this year, but I’ll check with my family and get back to you.

Regardless, it’s always a good idea to use a bear canister for your food if you can.



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I'd worry more about the pheasants your pop is stocking!

silly claims

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I already replied to the wolf claims in the post linked below, as I said the DEC is not attempting to stock/introduce wolves in the ADK's. As for the above poster, it's unwise to make wild claims without offering any supportive evidence, is it not?


I’d carefully re-read the post! :}