Beat The Bump,. Matanzas, FL

I received this link from Joey Schott, Turning Point Boatworks. Every year he and others come down and challenge the tides and waves at Matanzas Inlet near Cresent Beach, FL.

I think he’s paddling his new line of Petrel Play kayaks.


Joey is a great guy, excellent sea kayaker and instructor, and a wizard with composites. The Petrel Play was designed to be fun in rough water, and he’s building them to be incredibly tough. I had the privilege of paddling with him on an occasion where I got the opportunity to paddle out through Lockwood’s Folly Inlet and surf back in a couple of times. I had never paddled the Petrel Play before, and my first ride was the most fun ride of the day. I felt maneuverable, but in control, with a nice wave to work with. This is the kind of kayak that leaves you imagining what might be possible. If you’re in the market for a top quality, well designed, American made sea kayak, you definitely should look into these.


Wife loved the Play too. But she wants it strip built.

Joey is coming out with a sit on top.

If I was in the market for a SOT, that would be the one.
At 26lbs, it certainly fits one of my requirements.

I have so much to learn. That’s a great video. I saw Tom N. make a cameo! I heard RiverWind is taking beat the bump to S.C. this year.#goal.

Short scenes captured from the first day of the same late November/2019 event. Cameo appearances by the RWK crew, or posse whichever you prefer.