Beaufort Area Redfish Flotilla II

Come one, come all…to Hunting Island State Park, on Saturday, 4 November, 2006. The second annual, unofficial B.A.R.F. II Kayak and Canoe fishing rendesvous is taking place at the Park Lagoon…

A wonderful 2+ mile long lagoon loaded with Redfish, Seatrout and Flounder.

There are no prizes, only bragging rights…Oh, and if you enter one of the two pots (All fishing styles and Flyfishing only), you might get enough to pay for your gas…

The unofficial captains meeting is Friday evening at the Hunting Island State Park Campground, where we will either have a potluck dinner and pre-fishing brag off…or Frogmore Stew and pre-fishing brag-off.

On Saturday evening, after a full day of fishing, we will have the other meal (Potluck if Frogmore on Friday… Frogmore if potluck on Friday) and brag session at the same campground.

Hope to see some of you there.


Here’s how to get there. It’s in SC … :slight_smile:

You coming down?

I knew I’d seen “YotF” somewhere before…LOL!

What site will the pre-brag meeting be held at?

Should be there around 6-7pm.


Not sure of the number…
But it will be easy to find…just look for all the Yaks…

Ask for Cutmullet if you get there before the erst of us…which I doubt! ;-p