Beautiful day for a paddle

We’ve been having some great weather in SW Michigan with highs in the low 70s. 64 when I launched on the Paw Paw around 11 am and 72 when I took out around 5 pm.

Passed some remnants of the recent Senior PGA.

After the golf course it gets very nice with gentle current and constant meandering around obstacles. Powerboats can’t follow.

Lots of good shady parking spots for taking a break.

About 4 miles upstream there’s a big wetland that’s accessible only from the river.

Saw lots of brand new ducks and geese, an owl, a deer that made a beautiful graceful leap to get a better look at me when I got too close, and this Northern Watersnake that let me get super close so we hung out for a while.


We had a similar but much warmer day. We waited until 6pm because of the heat and a stiff wind in our faces. The wind didn’t calm until 8.
We found a long cove inhabited by one fisherman. As we got deeper in the cove, the wind was blocked and it was very quiet. It smelled green from all the new growth and I smelled cedar at one point.
Looked like a great place to camp but I’m past those days.

Not here. Our rainy season got earnest; the wind is coming off the gulf and it rains every time you think about a paddle.

It’s gonna mess up my fly fishing.

Sounds like a great place to paddle. I really like canoeing places like that.

If you were replying to me, we were a half mile away when you came up.
If not, and you were referring to the rain that just confirms my suspicions. I would expect nothing less from someone who surveys spider’s eyes in the dark.

For some reason I like that kind of snake