Beautiful day on Hartwell

We put in at the DNR OFFICE at Clemson. There was a car there with two Lifetime pool toys that could not have been longer than 8’. No bulkheads. I hope they had a good day, but I digress.
We were just cruising and enjoying the early spring leaves. We paddled to the end of a nice cove and disturbed at least one beaver who proceeded to escort us . It would pop up in front of us ,swim a bit and make a noisy splash to submerge. In a few seconds it would resurface going the other way . That happened several times.
Moving on we paddled to the old quarry. I thought there would be no swimmers because the water was still very chilly but 3 guys were taking the 15’ leap.
As we were leaving there were 3 girls and a guy soaking up a little sun. I asked if they were Clemson students and they were all seniors. I guess they were enjoying life before it became reality. Go TIGERS ! I used to hang out at that quarry 54 years ago.
The clouds and sprinkles moved in as we were leaving.


Hanging out at Coed Cove again huh?

It was in the 80s in SW MI yesterday and the air was filled with freshly hatched insects so I paddled to the sound of steelhead splashing back into the water after jumping.

Went back last week. The kids were gone. Graduation happened.