Beautiful day today

The St Joseph river is getting back near normal levels and flow rate so we put in at a local park that we haven’t visited in a while. Temps in the low 80’s early in the day with a nice gentle breeze. Very peaceful even with a few fishing boats and one powerboat with waterskier. We got pretty close to a duck that didn’t want to give up his comfy spot.

We paddled upstream from one riverfront park to the next one where we got out and had a good walk in a big park that we had all to ourselves…just the way we like it.


Your photos remind me of Reina ,my STD Poodle who was named by p.nutters. Long legged, loved to run and jump. As sweet as a dog could ever be.

Reina sounds like a great dog. Zoey is a mostly-coonhound mutt that my wife got for free in Liberty, Kentucky at The Longest Yard Sale (while I was in China on a work trip). Zoey is starting to have some mobility problems and can’t run like she did when she was young and could catch squirrels, turkey, kids on powered scooters and even a young deer once…but she’s got a big heart and never nipped anyone or anything. She still loves to go paddling.

Reina had one annoying habit if you were female. She would run by and nip you in the butt, never breaking stride. More startling than hurt.
She was an alpha from the start. If I laid on the floor, she would stand on my back and nip my ears when she was 3 months old.
I broke her of that by getting on my hands and knees, which put us eye to eye, and growling.

That’s great. Those unique personality characteristics are precious. Zoey has never rolled over to have her tummy scritched for anyone but me. If you give her a rawhide she will go hide it…so we find them under pillows or under blankets. She growls at men but not women although she is mellowing out in her old age. When younger she would run around you in circles until you finally got dizzy or tired and then she’d come up behind you (gotcha!). If you had 4-5 coonhounds chasing you I guarantee you’d climb a tree in a hurry.

I’m down to one ailing 13 yo with a failing heart. She was Reina’s best friend and sleeping companion. And chew toy when they were young.
I think we’re done with dogs when Lilly is gone.

I’m sorry to hear about Lilly’s health challenges. My black lab barely made it to her ninth birthday, she was going blind and then got leukemia. Zoey is ten now and has some mobility problems so I’m grateful for every day that we get to continue our routine.