Beaver Canoe?

I saw a 17’ aluminum canoe made by Beaver Canoes for sale on the internet. Does any one know about this manufacturer or this specific boat? It looks more streamlined than your typical aluminum boat.

Beaver Canoes
Yep, Beaver Canoe existed for several years as an attempt to make a more efficient shaped aluminum canoe. The canoes essentially mimic the shape of a Marathon Canoes of the day. There were several models, including one that was more specifically designed for tripping. Beaver canoes are regularly banned from aluminum class canoe races, due to their hydrodynamic advantages over typical aluminum hulls.


I still have
a Beaver Canoe T-shirt.

teh back sez “Paddle a Beaver”


Beaver boats
I think they made them in Tanneyville, Missouri in the 80’s. I raced in one about 20 years back.