Beaver Creek OH

Has any one paddled this river? If so what did you think? Any suggestions on places to put in and take out?

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That was where I first paddled! Can’t say I “learned” to paddle there. We had Grummans and we just bounced off and over the various rocks.

I assume that you are asking about the “Beaver Crick” that is on the border of Ohio and PA near East Liverpool. It’s a nice piece of water. It has some fast water, nice pools, the scenery is great. It’s surprisingly remote, we used to consider it “Deliverance” country.

We paddled it in summer; I don’t remember having to get out and walk the canoe at all. Despite it’s good points, I don’t think I would do this in a nice kevlar.

We used to put in at a town we called Fredrickstown, Ohio (not on Yahoo maps) and took out near Rt 68 in PA. The easiest way to find it is to leave East Liverpool east on Rt 39; after you cross the PA border (now rt 68) you will almost immediately see the Beaver Creek bridge; turn left on the west side of the bridge on to a country road and just follow the crick; sooner or later you will come to a small collection of houses and a bridge going back across the crick. Try to verify that it is Fredrickstown! Put in near the bridge. (You can also get there on back roads from Calcutta or East Palestine - very international!!!)

I don’t think it is canoeable above the bridge; there was a great swim hole up there with a falls and big rocks for jumping (High school hangout in the 60’s). Kayaks? Didn’t know about kayaks in those days.

I ran into someone, who is a pretty good paddler, a few weeks ago who said the Beaver Crick is one of their favorite day trips in the Pittsburgh area. So, its definitely still there and still runnable!

I’ll find out some more tonight and post more info for you tomorrow.

Beaver Creek
I used to float this a lot years ago. I started as far up as Rt 7, above the State Park, but only when levels are up. The most exciting stretch is from Fredericktown to the Ohio River. The best of that stretch is from Grimms Bridge to the Ohio River. You can find Grimms bridge Rd off the Calcutta/New Ferry Rd if my memory serves me right. BTW, there is an old railroad tunnel that is caved in at one end and full of water. It’s just uphill on the North side of the creek just downstream from Grimms bridge. We used to carry the canoes up there and paddle inside the tunnel. Once you make the bend, it is absolutely black. If the canoe is more than 15 ft, you have to reverse out. Anything longer can’t turn around. We would do the Grimms Bridge/Ohio river stretch several times in a day.

Little Beaver Creek
One of the Best places around. Paddlejunky is correct in his info. Just watch where you park, most if not all parking in Frederictown is private and your car will be impounded. Use the state park or Sprucevale. Roadside parking around Grimms Bridge and gated parking at the Ohio River (gate closed at night)

This area is reported to be the most haunted area in Ohio.

Calcutta - East Liverpool - Beaver Creek Canal systemA reporter once took a picture and when it was developed there was some figures of Native Americans in it. And one particular ghost is that of Gretchen, who as a child died of unknown reasons and you can still hear her cries coming from the park.

Calcutta - East Liverpool - Beaver Creek State Park - Esther Hale has allegedly been haunting the bridge over Beaver Creek for nearly 165 years, since she was stood up at her own wedding in 1837. Four months after her wedding date, Esther was found dead in her home, her bridle veil still over her face. Some say she is still dressed in white looking for her groom, and if you travel over the Beaver Creek bridge on August 12th each year, you’ll see her. Don’t let her get too close-her touch will kill you.

Calcutta - East Liverpool - Gretchen?s Lock - Gretchen was the daughter of a wealthy man, who possibly came from England. Gretchen drowned as a small child in the creek, as many have done over the years. (Swimming is now prohibited in the creek as is canoeing). Gretchen was buried in an actual “lock”… one that was previously used in the canal at the creek in earlier days. Her father moved back to England and was so broken-hearted over the loss of his daughter that he had her body exhumed and moved back to England. The lock remains, but the hauntings do not take place there, but instead, at the place where she drowned, which is now named “Gretchen’s Lock” (another smaller part of the Beaver Creek park). It is said by many that Gretchen actually helped others, mostly small children, who found themselves in danger in the creek when swimming was still allowed, and that she can still be seen and heard today. She has been seen by so many that the story is easy to believe. It is also told that you can hear Gretchen crying for all of the other’s that had drowned in the creek. She is a very helpful ghost and the most popular here in the Tri-State area.

Beaver Creek - Carpenter Road - In the mid 70’s a man hung himself from one of the trees near the bend. On foggy nights you can see a shadow walking and hear moaning.

Also Pretty Boy Floyd was killed at the Conkle farm on Sprucevale road 1 mile north of the Sprucevale bridge over the creek.

Additional info
I found out last night that the creek is still a good paddle.

I think there is some confusion. There is Beaver Creek State Park, which is north of East Liverpool. It has has all the expected services of a park. It is canoeable.

South of that and east of East Liverpool is Beaver Creek State Forest. It has little or no services, but has a better volume of water. Fredericktown is in the state forest.

Thanks for all of the good info. I am looking forward to checking this spot out.

Do us all a favor
Please do the paddle and then fill out a “Places2Paddle” trip report. Since the creek crosses the Ohio-PA border, maybe you could include it in both the Pennsylvania and Ohio sections. I am really curious about the practicality of kevlar on this creek.

Finally made it
I finally got a chance to try this spot out about a week ago and it made for a very nice day. I paddled from the Grimm Rd Bridge to the river. I was fishing so it took a good part of the day. It would have been nice to have about three more inches of water but over all the levels were pretty good. I never had to get out and pull but there were a few areas that were pretty shallow and it was difficult to get through. The fishing was pretty good too.