Beaver Tail canoe paddle

I recently bought a 54" 26oz. wood (oak?) beaver tail paddle for $12.00 at a flea market. I suspect it is an old livery quality paddle.

The partial sticker on the paddle reads Smok??? at the top and Quality Brand at the bottom with crossed paddles in the center.

Is anybody famaliar with this paddle?




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I'm pretty sure what you have is a Smoker brand paddle. I seriously doubt that it is oak.

The company was named after the Smoker family who started the company in the 1930s. Before making paddles & oars, they made wagon wheels.

Sawyer took the company over in the early 90s.

I'd say you got just about what you paid for in terms of quality. Might make a serviceable "back up", or "loaner" paddle that you wouldn't mind losing.
I certainly wouldn't want to "have to" use one on a regular basis. Would have to actually see the paddle to comment further.

If nothing else, you could use it to make an inexpensive paddle hanger for some really nice paddles such as Pat Moore, Whiskey Jack, Cricket, Lutra, Foxworx. Or to hang a really expensive, carbon fiber, bent shaft........ERP!
Excuse me, I almost threw up on that last one........



Did they ditch the “Smoker” title when
marijuana was outlawed?

there’s a pair on ebay now …
… (Smokers Brand) just go to and type this list number in the search box … 260561125057 .

Paddles like these might have potential to make a higher performance paddle out of , as in you remake (find a new paddle inside the old one) . It’s a fun thing to do if you like making or re-making paddles , and sometimes the final product can be an amazing paddle .