beaverhouse to cache trip

I am thinking about this route for late May or early June but am not too familiar with how difficult traveling up the falls chain would be that early in the summer. Any advice wold be appreciated.



should be no problem
If snowmelt and spring rains are anywhere near normal/average, you shouldn’t have any trouble in late May.

There are high and low water landings for the portages around the falls, so just use some common sense as to safety. If you feel that the current above the falls is too strong, just go farther upstream a bit before you put in - look around, and you will probably find continuations of the portage trails going farther upstream.

Other than the falls, there will be a bit of current in places, but nothing you can’t paddle against.

Contact the park HQ and ask them to mail you a copy of the map they have for the falls chain - it details the portages better than other maps.

Upstream on Malign River
I also think you should be OK. However if spring comes late or with heavy rain, you could face heavier than usual flow. Two areas to focus on that you may have a little trouble making progress again a heavy current. In the narrows between Sturgeon Narrows going into Russell; but there is a portage there so your choice. Almost everyone runs this when headed downstream. Also there is a drop and chute and a few rocks to dodge about a half mile up from the last portage going into Kawnipi - not marked on the map. It’s really nothing in normal flow - but I’ve seen moderately strong paddlers struggle here in heavy current. With strong paddling you will make it - just be cautious. That end of May thru mid June time of year can be black fly trouble. Every submerged rock in the Malign is full of black fly larvae waiting to hatch. I’d advise taking a screen shelter or at the minimum, head nets when camping near moving water then.

current and black flys
thanks for the advice. a shelter is on the list.