Bed rack for 2005 Nissan Frontier

I’m in the market for a new to me truck and have decided on the Frontier. The problem I seem to be running into is finding a bed rack system to carry canoes while leaving kayaks in the bed. My research seems to indicate that the Thule Xsporter will not work on Frontier’s with the Utilitrack system. They have fit kits for the similar Toyota system, but not the Nissan.

I’m also looking at the Yakima Outdoorsman 300. Their fit guide seems to indicate that it will work, but I’ve read some conflicting info.

Does anyone have any experience with using the Yakima bed racks on the new body style Frontiers with the Utilitrack system?

I don’t think so…
You may want to call Yakima to make absolutely sure, but I believe you will have the same issues with this rack as with the Thule xsporter. Another option would be to put a single bar across the cab and, if oyu have a receiver hitch use a raised hitch post with crossbar. Thule makes an accessory called the goalpost, but I would recommend a similar accessory called the extend-a-truck- It gives you a lot more versatility and is at least $50 cheaper.

US Rack
Check out US Rack’s Rail Rack:

I have one on my Tacoma that I’m using with Malone Sea Wings for kayaks and it’s working well so far. Most Yakima and Thule carriers are supposed to fit on them and, once assembled and installed, they’re supposed to be removable and re-installable in 5 minutes (each, 5 min. to remove, 5 min. to re-install); I haven’t taken mine off, so I can’t vouch for that claim.

I read that the Utilitrack rails are standard Unistrut pieces. And I thought they were the same dimensions as the Tacoma’s system??? For example, Rocky Mount’s Clutch SD bike fork clamps fit in the rails of Frontier, Titan, and Tacoma.

I have one myself (a 2005 Frontier with the Utilitracks), but I put a topper on the bed. The Utilitracks work great for securing loads.

From Yakima
I sent Yakima a note and they responded that the Outdoorsman will not work with the Utili-track system. Back to the drawing board.

US Rack
Thanks for the tip. It looks like their Rail Rack & Dual Rack works with the Utili-track system. They even picture that on their web site. How’s the wind noise with these?

We use the US Rack
On an '06 Frontier. When I did my research, that was the only commercial rack that would work with the Utilitrac system. We use the stock roofrack on the cab with a Thule bar and one US rack in the bed just behind the wheelwells. That gives us about a five-foot bar spread.

There is no particular wind noise that I have noticed. Or at least none that I can blame on the US rack in particular.

Noise w/ Rail Rack
I haven’t noticed any additional noise with the racks - I have the “access cab” (what they’re calling the extended cab now) on my Tacoma, so the racks are pretty far behind me when I’m driving and I have slightly aggressivly treaded tires. I haven’t noticed any additional noise with the windows up or down.

Rail size
The Rail Rack I bought had two sizes of cleats for the rails - one for Toyotas and one for Nissans - so I don’t think the two companies use the same size rail.

I don’t know it this helps but I attached a Thule t-bar to my trailer hitch. Over my cab I have a Saris saddle type mount. I get on a couple of 17’ sea kayaks on without too much hassle. I do have a bit of the whistling wind syndrome however.

US Rack customer service
Based on some of the posts above, I called US Rack and they steered me towards their Dual Rack. I wasn’t crazy about the width of the rack only being 60 inches though, especially coming from using 78" Thule bars on my other vehicle. They offered to custom build me a 72" Dual rack. I should have it mid next week. So far, I’d say their customer service has been superb. Thanks again for the recommendations.