Bedliner as a skidplate?

No, I haven’t been drinking! I figure if this was a good idea somebody would have done it already, but was watching an episode of Mythbusters where they did bad things to a sheet of line-X material and was pretty impressed. I know a few people who use it for it’s intended purpose and in some areas (top of the bedrails)it’s pretty thin, maybe 1/16" or so. If it could be applied without the usual textured finish it would be proud of the hull much more than a typical cloth skidplate. I don’t know how the chemicals in the liner would react with the hull material though.

Any thoughts (That don’t involve talk of involuntary commitment)?

Few canoes actually need skidplates.
They are like those “bras” people put over the front of cars to fend off bug stains. But if you can get us more details on this wonderful material, I know lots of people who may be interested.

I thought he meant to cover the seat so you wouldn’t leave skid marks…

Since it stays pliable
I wondered how grabby it would be on rocks. You could try it and sand it off to replace with conventional one if it didn’t work.

I opted to go with the “rock guard” tape from Cabela’s or 4 x 4 shop. It’s a 6" waterproof clear tape. I’ll probably have to replace every 3-5 years but it’s lighter, simpler, cheaper, than composite.

If you try the bedliner let us know how it works.

Good Luck


One yak mfg. recommends it