Been a long wait

Got to check out a sea kayak that I designed the hull for 20+ years ago yesterday. I had put the plywood panels together back in 2001 or so, and when my near complete lack of good woodworking skills surfaced, it sat in the basement until boss lady said it had to go 4 years ago.

I was going to cut it up, and put it out on the curb for heavy pickup, and a paddling bud contacted me, and said he’d take it. Well, he faired and glassed the hull, and designed a spectacular woodstrip deck with some really cool exotic for a kayak wood pieces in it. Gorgeous! I forgot to take pics of it yesterday…dummy.

We met up yesterday with the intention of paddling it, but the wind was up, and had strong gusts. But, from what I’ve been told, it does everything I intended it to be when I designed it - fast, low to the water, and easy to roll. Initial stability is a little low, but that’s OK. I sat in it, and the fit for my sorry carcass in the cockpit was perfect! Can’t wait to take it out for a quick paddle when the weather actually cooperates, probably at Guillemot Kayaks “Meet at the beach” wooden boat show in June.

Can’t wait!

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