Been drilling myself with this problem

I currently paddle the p&h sirius (and think its the perfect boat - for me) with one exception - volume.

I posted about a month ago with questions of the bahiya. My main concern is that switching to a boat of large volume (but same beam, increased length) may prohibit rockhopping and caving, and surfing. The sirius is the perfect fit and I can’t imagine finding a more comfortable boat.

My main question is: Has anyone been through this situation? Risk losing the almost perfect boat for a boat with increased volume, but restricted in its maneouverability?

I hope to take the sirius for 3+ week long trips (three week trips), and i have only taken it for a week and a half. I managed, but with ‘intelligent’ packing and taking less of some gear than what I preferred.

Any suggestions or help would be GREATLY appreciated. It breaks my heart to get away from the sirius…options???

You wouldn’t beleive how difficult this decision is for me :frowning: Well, I am sure some of you do know exactly how bad it can be…I’m counting on that.

Thanks in advance, its greatly greatly appreciated.


Keep it!
Buy another boat or two…

Like the rest of us…

I thought about that
and in doing so, it certainly puts on more time before I can purchase an ‘expedition’ boat. Plus, when I owned the capella and sirius, i never touched the capella :frowning:

So I sold it to my paddling partner.

How you guys with multiple boats do it, I’ll never know…


I love my Caribou, but…
It just won’t hold enough for a longer trip so I am rebuilding an old Arctic Tern to use as my expedition boat… just love those hard chines… GH

now, you may have something there!!!
How difficult of a task is it to rebuild a kayak? What about building one from scratch?

Hmm…You just brightened my whole day!!!

Time to go search for difference avenues to do that.


would your user name change than?
hmmm… soon we’ll have to call sirius “fixedwoodboatguy” or something.

LOL if i build one
I wouldn’t give up my sirius…never ever.

It’d kill me.


Never Ever Ever…
Give up something you love…

Least not 'til you give the new one 3 months or so…

you say that now…
but we kayak owners are notoriously unfaithful. I have “loved” all my kayaks but realistically, I’m sure in the future I will find others that I love equally as much if not more and my current kayaks will be sold. It’s the neverending quest for the perfect river, lake, wave, paddle, kayak, etc.

Get another
As GreyHawk said -‘like the rest of us’

Many I know have at least two boats. It is always good to have a guest boat. A kept my Elaho after getting my Aquanaut and it worked out very well for a friend who was moving from whitewater to touring. She had a long wait for her Chatham 18, so she got to use the Elaho for a good part of the season.

I am now looking towards a new dayboat. I love my Aquanaut, but it is kind of silly taking a 17’7" expedition boat out for a few hour paddle on the Hudson or Mohawk. Besides it doesn’t get its best waterline with just my weight and gear for a short paddle. My Elaho is fun (orignial model RM drop skeg) but it weighs a ton and really feels as if it is pushing water after the time in my Aquanaut.

How Much$To Rent OneFor 3 Weeks?

I built these
by creating a skeleton of pvc pipe over wooden stations then covering it in shrink wrap plastic. Layed my glass cloth and resin over that then popped the hull off when cured then did the same for the deck. Joined the two together then glass taped them inside and out. Advantage is you can get the cost down and build a hull design that might most suit your needs. Disadvantage, time, labor, messy and lots of problem solving, but it does work and if you enjoy working with your hands it is a creative experience.

that could also be an option, but
I think the only boats around here to rent are Wilderness Systems and current designs, maybe? maybe seaward also

out of all the boats I have tried, i didn’t like the wilderess systems boats (tried the sealution, cape horn and tempest), don’t have any xp with current designs, and i didn’t overly enjoy the quest or cosma by seaward (just found em too large)

so that leaves me short on options