Been paying it forward

Some 25 or more years ago, someone let me try out their sea kayak and I was hooked. I had to have one, and did in a relatively short time. Fast forward to 2006 and I have been returning that favor in spades. The internet was not around then, but with it, I have found an unlimited supply of kayaking newbies in Now that I have multiple boats and equipment, I have been offering free kayaking experience lessons on the weekends. I posted this in Activities and said no strings, not money, just paying it forward. Kayaking has given me alot and I am trying to pay it back. I have met some nice folks. I live close to a very safe, protected and shallow flat water slough that teems with wildlife. It is a nice feeling to introduce new blood into wonderful activity. I have 3 paddles and PDFs so I have been taking singles or pairs.

There are several very nice people guiding me to the extended enjoyment of kayak camping, fishing, cooking, that I hope to pass on in the future…

You’re an inspiration.

It’s the tradition!
“Paying it forward,” or mentoring others, or sharing your skills – whatever you call it – is a big part of the Greenlandic tradition of this sport. Although I’ve taken a couple of workshops that I’ve paid for, most of what I’ve really learned of this sport has been from other paddlers, who have passed on to me what they have learned really works IN PRACTICE. Having received that free gift from others, I always look for opportunities to do the same.

Keep following this great tradition, and thanks for sharing it on this BB.

Good work!
This is how the circle of kayakers keeps expanding. It’s amazing what good you can do with some time and kindness. Bless ya.