Happy New Year to you all…
With the new year upon us…it is NOW…that’s right, now is the time to BEGIN AND START that certain athletic activity that you have only been thinking about. It doesn’t mean you are about to bike 300 miles, or do 150 pushups, or kayak/canoe the most daunting rapids, or downhill ski on the super slalom, or even put the kicks on for a marathon. What it DOES MEAN is to simply BEGIN AND START…it is a new year and thus a new beginning/start to get your 2021 on the way. So please join in…take baby steps, take slower steps, take big leaps…whatever it is to get you back out on the trails, rivers, mountains…but just do it!!! There’s no doubt, YOU will be so glad you did…so come on and join us…we have so much to see and enjoy! Blessings to all of you!!!


You’re preaching to the choir.




forget that. Sit inside, watch the “big game”, drink your beer and eat your chips. Keep repeating stories to your co-workers about your athletic abilities as a youth, decades gone, before the belly swelled and the knees failed to keep up. Leave the outdoors for me. “Coming out and joining us” in the covid era is just irresponsible. The shame, the shame.

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