beginner day tour, slimmer

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I'm putting out suggestions to someone, and I recall mention here of a well received kayak that is a bit slimmer than the tsunami 140/145 and other such boats -- but I can't recall what kayak that is -- pretty sure it is rotomolded.

Edited -- I think it was a less popular name than Wilderness Systems or Necky, and I'm pretty sure it was not a popular brand of composite or thermoformed (such as, Valley, QCC, CD, Eddyline). Was it perhaps Celia who was recommending it?

Venture Kayaks?

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they're affiliated with P&H and Pyranha, and make a very nice affordable day tourer called the Easky in 13, 15, and 15LV sizes. They also just came out with the "Islay" 14 which appears to be a more playful hull.

These two
The two that come to mind if you’re looking for less volume are the Necky Manitou and the Dagger Alchemy. I have paddled the Manitou and thought it was really decent. A shrunk down sea kayak if you will. The Alchemy may be more geared towards active water but I’d say it’s worth a look. A real nice looking design if you ask me. I’ve moved on to advanced kayaks but would love to have either one of these for playing around.


Yes, I’m pretty sure it was the Easky that I was thinking of.

(Manitou 14 was my first and I still have it!)