beginner fishing kids update

Thank you for the information folks:

I am narrowing the decision down to these canoes:

Nova craft: Tripper, Angler or Haida in royalex or fiberglass;

an Old town Osprey 155 or Tripper,

I am staying a way from polylink/polyethylene since it was stated here that it warps.

Also,( losing cool points but safer ) outriggers will be used when children are on on board.

Any comments folks. I look forward to your input. Any suggestions on getting a good price?

Sounds good. Be sure to invest in
good life jackets and have a seat cushion or two to throw in an emergency.

Ditto on the PFDs
Make sure you lead by example.

I enjoy my Osprey 140. The rowing configuration is great in high winds and provides a factory installed middle seat.

takes quite a bit of effort to tip my OT Tripper…however, for piece of mind I use stabilizers from whenever the little kids are on board.