beginner kayak for mouth of rivers?

And by all means once you get started
find a local club or group to paddle with. Great way to make new friends and try out a wide variety of boats. Finding out what you don’t like is often just as useful as finding out what you do like.

And there’s always a slim possibility you’ll find that you eventually need 2 boats, or 7. :wink:


slippery slope :slight_smile:
I will, and yes I know about wanting more than one :slight_smile: that’s how I started with skiing, It sure is a slippery slope. and don’t ask how many of those I have!!

enjoy and thanks,


River bars are dangerous
That’s another part of the “mouth of rivers”, just downstream. You might want to consider Flatpick’s advice of taking some lessons and advising the instructor the environment you want to paddle in.


definatley yes on lessons

I will,


EddylineMerlin LT, Carb? for Sm.fem?
I have looked and looked and I have found this on crigs list near my area.

do you think it would work for me?. I am 5’ 105 lbs female.?

Eddyline sea kayak, Merlin LT, Carbonlite, 13’, 39#, 2 covered hatches, includes spray skirt and cockpit cover. Good for ocean, flat water and rivers with small rapids. Magenta top with white bottom. About 10 years old