Beginner kayak trip

We are wanting to take a beginner kayak trip with rocky bottom. We will have small kids so need it to be safe. Preferably in mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, or LA. We have our own kayaks… some sit on top. Can y’all give me ideas of places foe us to go?

Day paddle or overnight? Okatoma River just north of Hattiesburg MS has a good long day paddle and the outfitters drop you off & pick up. Would be a good, easy warm up for the youngsters.

One of the popular stretches of the okatoma has a class II ledge drop and a year or so ago there was a strainer on the approach that complicated things. I think you could portage this pretty easily.

Some up and back paddling at Lake Fausse Pointe State Park (Lousiana) and I’m partial to Stephen Foster State Park (the one in GA). It is located in the Okefenokee (think alligators and wading birds). Both have nice campgrounds, some boat rentals (call ahead), and stuff for kids to do. Avoid the hurricanes and the heat of the summer. Spring is my favorite season for the kind of paddling you are looking to do. Sometimes it is easier to rent boats than transport them if you are only paddling for a few hours or it is easier cover more distance in canoes. Here is a link to alabama water trails.