Beginner Kayak

Hey everybody, I am new to kayaking and need some advice. I need suggestions on entry level kayaks. I have tried out the OT Dirigo and liked it. I’ll generally be kayaking in the Hillsborough River, and maybe some inlets and in the Keys. Another question…SINK or SOT? Has anyone tried the Bic Yakka? The folding one?


What kind of kayaking do you envision?
Running Whitewater? Playing in Whitewater? Flatwater? Ocean? A mix? Don’t know?

FWIW, I bought a used Dagger Blackwater 10.5 as a completly clueless beginner and am quite happy with my choice (luck). It certainly isn’t the top of the pack for flatwater or river running and I’ll outgrow it pretty soon, but it’s fun on lakes and mild rivers; a nice compromise.

Used is a great way to go…


Beginner Kayak
No whitewater or real ocean kayaking. Excercise, 1/2 Day or day trips on rivers, or inlets.

I am also a novice paddler who takes half to full trips on relatively smooth water. I paddle a Necky Manitu; she’s responsive, light, and turns quickly. One of my paddlin friends has a Dirigo 140 that he let me take out. After being in my Necky the Dirigo was far less responsive and was slower. It’s not a bad boat, but it wouldn’t be my first choice. I was relieved to get back into my Manitu.

I can’t help you on that …
…entry level kayak, but I sure love that Hillsboro River.

Down where you are, you might lean toward a SOT, but just remember you are going to have a cold damp butt in the winter.