beginner kayak


I would like to know if it’s ok for a beginner to buy an inflatable kayak like Advanced Frame ? I went paddling a couple of times before and I wanted to know if this was a good choice for small day trips on calm a sea.

Thank you.


it’s OK BUT
not highly recommended IF you really want to learn to kayak. Inflatables are pretty lame when it comes to wind, efficiency, tracking, etc. They rock if you are bumping down some rocky river and for de-flating and storing somewhere small.


take a beginner class and find out what works.


i know
I know they are pretty lame compared to hardshells, but this time I want to buy them only for fun, small day trips around an island.

Last year I and my girlfriend paddled for a day in tandem hardshell around Milos, Greece. We liked it very much and we would like to do little paddling with two inflatables on a very calm sea. Before this we tried a sit on top at the Black Sea.

The problem with hardshells is that I can not carry them with my car. Inflatables are much easier to carry and store.