Beginner Kayaker

I am wanting to buy a kayak that is good for a beginner. I know nothing about kayaks but got to go out in one last Saturday. It was really fun! It would only be recreational for now. If anyone has any suggestions on what kind of Kayak I would need to buy, I would really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!


What kind of paddling?

small streams?




want to fish?

take pictures?

just relax?

How much $?

are You small, med., or large?

a little info and then go to a local demo and see what You like

Tell us where you live…
and I bet some folks could share with you some demo days coming up. That way you could try a few different designs to help you decide. Sign up for a basics class too. This will give you a chance to see and learn a few techniques from (probably) different boats as well if the instructors have a fleet.

The choice is all up to you. Once you know more about what type of paddling. What type of water. And what type of boats you liked… We can give you feedback from our perspective/experience.

right now it is just in a lakes. Maybe later on it will be some rivers. But I am starting off in lakes.

I am large in size. Is this compared to weight or height?

I live in Mississippi! Around the Jackson area. If anyone does know of any demo days I would really love to visit.

As far as money I would be willing to pay whatever necessary to get a good one! I hope this is a little help!


take a class, take a class
take a class

consider that your first investment in this hobby or sport or whatever it is.

take a class, talk to the instructors. rent and demo. buy a comfy pfd. buy some immersion gear. find out what you want to do, narrow down your choices THEN buy a kayak.

good luck and have fun!

I’ll Second that
take a class, take a class

Ok If anyone knows of a class around MS . Please let me know!

check with the aca
or if you have to travel then make a weekend trip out of it. it’s worth it.

in three seconds of googling…
…i found these folks

6 seconds…

and counting…

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I bought an Old Town Loon 138. It has a huge cockpit so you don’t feel claustrophobic, a 380 lb capacity, and it’s simple in design, fairly quick, tracks well and it’s not too expensive. Perfect for lakes, rivers, and like class I stuff I paddle. You’re in MS, and I’m in North Al, but you’d be more than welcome to paddle mine if you get out this way sometime. I wanted something rock stable, and yet agile enough not to be a water-pig. It’s a great boat. I know a lot of people have a lot of suggestions about what’s a better boat than another, but I didn’t see anyone suggest any specific boat to you (at least yet)…and I’m really happy with mine, so there you go.

Happy Paddling…


Only YOU
can make that decision and the bigger base of experience/knowledge you have the better your decision will be.

My advice would be to narrow it down to a few models that you think you want and then see which one you can buy used. Chances are that as you learn more you’ll rethink your decision and since you bought a used boat you’ll be able to recoup a greater percentage of your initial investment when you resell it to upgrade.

I think most folks go through two or three boats before they find the “perfect” boat for them. Buying used ones make the trial and error process easier to afford.

sit on tops
Sit on tops are the easiest to paddle and the easiest to re-mount. They are also more stable on calm water. I began 7 months ago and have yet to be spilled. I have grown tired of paddling a wide sit on top now and have ordered a more difficult but more efficient kayak. I think most go through the same thing.

I second the Old town loon but try the 12’er. handles rivers to clII but is a challenge I’ve even witnessed one tackling 3.5’+seas crossing the infamous woods hole staits off MA . very crazy stunt but it made it and back too I’m just saying it a pretty bombproof first boat that will stand up to pass on to anyone.