Beginner Needs Help

I work at a summer camp and we’re thinking of getting some kayaks for our campers to use on our lake next summer. I have no idea what a suitable kayak would be or where to begin looking, so any help would be much appreciated! We would want kayaks that hold 2 people, and the kids that would use them are between 12-16 years old. Thanks!

Safest would probably be going with SOTs, Sit on Top Kayaks.

Say, this

They also make triples.

Don’t forget to budget for PFDs.

Yea, I was thinking SOTs also. They
come in quite a range of designs. Don’t let the kids drag holes in the sterns.

Look into Ocean Kayak brand
The Frenzy and Scrambler are used a lot at camps for teenagers and are safe and fun boats to get started kayaking.

Another vote for SOT’s
There is a camp on a local small lake that has a bunch of SOT’s, and we’ve seen them send out a flotilla near the end of the day with minimal lifeguard or spotter coverage. It works out great for them - the kids usually get out a bit from shore and start jumping out of boats, climbing around and exchanging them etc. No one has to panic about kids getting trapped and the campers seem to be able to get back on again just fine.

And paddles . . .
Can’t beat Aqua-Bound for combination of quality and price!

Thanks for the input so far. At least now I have a starting point.

check with
the manufactures. Some will sell seconds directly to orginizations such as your.

Cobra Kayaks
Cobra makes several small sit-on-tops suitable for kids - Play, Escape, Explorer; their tandem is 12’ and weighs only 60 lbs. Their kayaks are much lighter than Ocean Kayaks and I think they’re better designed.

Feel Free SOT
Has a wheel in the end of the keel. Drag all you want.

They also make some darned tough paddles.

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