beginner questions

Hello every one,

I just got a kayak for practically free. It is a coleman ultimate 100 similar to this but with different badges on it.

So here they are. The previous owner spray painted his name on the bottom. is there a way to get the paint off the poly? are there any fillers for poly there is nothing major but just some to make it look better? It came with a day tripper paddle but it is a older one piece one is there a way to feather it? and last one what is the bungee cord on the side for?

Thanks in advance

Congrats on the boat and as far as the paint on the bottom, you could probably use some rubbing compound to buff the paint off…I’m not sure I’d recommend any chemicals. Should come off pretty easy.

Fillers aren’t really necessary since you said there isn’t really any damage…poly is used to being abused and if it’s cosmetic, let it ride…adds character.


Bungee cord on side of Pursuit 100
The bungee cord on the side of the cockpit is supposed to be for securing the paddle. My brother-in-law has one, but the cord just comes unhooked. There might be something wrong with his, or they all may be faulty. Way to go scoring your first kayak at a GREAT price.

removing paint
You might want to try oven cleaner - the kind you use on a cold oven. I have had lots of luck removing all kinds of stuff with oven cleaner, including dried-on varnish from a fiberglass hull. Spray it on and let is sit for a while and the paint may be coaxed to peel off. Not much sticks to poly, so it might be that he used the paint intended for outdoor plastic furniture (krylon makes it, called fusion?). The people who make that might be able to tell you how to remove it.


I will try that. the paint is part way off from scratches on the bottom so I dont think it will be to hard to get off. One more question… I found these plastic pieces in the hall and my guess is that they go to the drain plug on the back. does anyone have a picture of what their drain plug looks like or diagram. forgot to mention that some water leaked in the shed he had it stored in and got in the hall and froze so my 40ilb kayak prob weighed 80 plus when i picked it up. I got most of it out but since i really dont have a warm place to leave it it will take longer. Thanks all

Drag it down a sandy beach.

Just go paddle. Its only your first boat

Fish kin’ not read

Blow dryer
If you don’t have a place to let it thaw, take a blow dryer to it. I wouldn’t let the plastic get too hot though. Very cool that you got your boat for free. Don’t worry about trying to feather your paddle. Just start paddling. If you really enjoy it, get a paddle that fits your paddling style better. Gotta warn you though, when I got the paddle that “fit my style” it wasn’t cheap.

first boat
I got all the ice out. took it to the spray car wash. even though it is my first boat I have kayaked alot in my short life so I have kinda felt what I like I will just try to adjust to it and use it, I just didn’t know if there was a way to change this one. Once it stops snowing up here and it all melts I will get on the water until then I will work on the paint removal. thanks